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Construction Management Software

Construction Management Software

How to Choose the Right Construction Management Software?

When it comes to choosing the right construction management tool, there are a lot of factors to consider. Einpix is a simple construction management tool that is specifically designed for construction companies, general contractors, subcontractors, engineers, and other industry professionals.


Does the tool have features that fit your needs? 
Einpix has many features that can help you manage your construction processes more effectively, including defects, suppliers, clients, and task management.

Is the tool easy to use?
Einpix is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface that makes it straightforward to navigate. It can also integrate in real-time with other companies using Einpix without needing integration or just inviting any company or client to share the tasks internally.

Is the tool affordable?
Einpix is affordable and cost-effective and allows you to manage unlimited construction projects by adding new construction buildings without additional cost. You can try it for free before you buy it.

Is the tool reliable?
Einpix is a reliable, stable, and secure tool used by many industries worldwide, including field service management, construction, and facility management.

Does the tool have customer support?
Einpix has excellent customer support and provides free training and support to its users.

Is the tool scalable?
Yes, Einpix is scalable and can be used by small to large enterprises. With Einpix, you can monitor your progress in real-time, distribute and confirm tasks and defects, manage employee productivity, and much more!

Benefits of Construction Management Software

If you're a construction professional, you know that managing tasks, defects, contractors, and clients on paper can be a hassle. But with construction management software like, it becomes a lot easier.


Monitor Progress in Real-Time:
With Einpix, you can monitor your internal tasks, and defects, for suppliers' assigned issues to solve and client inquiries progress in real-time and ensure that the tasks achieve completion as planned and are not loosened among various assignments.

Employee Productivity:
Einpix will help you manage employee productivity by keeping track of work hours and performance. It can also help you improve the quality of work by managing Service-Level Agreements (SLAs). Einpix allows you to increase work site productivity by identifying specific locations on 2D building maps.

Real-Time Collaboration with Other Companies:
Einpix can integrate in real-time with other companies or suppliers using Einpix without the need for any integration. This way, you can easily route tasks to individual users and all the parties involved directly in the manager's system.

Data Analysis:
Einpix can collect data from all aspects of your construction project and provide insights to help you make better business decisions. You can transfer all the saved data to either .csv or .xls files for more in-depth analysis or create .pdf defecting documents for any party by clicking a few buttons.

Go Offline Mode:
Einpix doesn't require an internet connection for essential functions, meaning you can use Einpix even in places where the internet connection is spotty or non-existent.

SaaS Level Scalability:
Unlike other Management Software, Einpix offers a Construction Software ERP that can scale with your needs. Allowing you to start small and gradually increase the size and amount of your project.

Business Areas

Einpix can be used in various business areas, such as:

Each of the business areas mentioned above can significantly benefit from using Einpix:

  • For construction management, the ability to assign tasks and defects, manage contractors, and track progress can save time and money;

  • In facility management & maintenance, tracking work orders, client inquiries, and preventive maintenance can help ensure everything runs smoothly;

  • In cleaning services management & planning, task management can help ensure that all building areas are adequately cleaned, quality audits are performed as scheduled, and managers react to client inquiries on time, solving cleaning equipment issues would be tracked in real-time;

  • In installation & maintenance service management, tracking and managing materials, digital work orders, and assigning object/equipment schemes, dispatching works, would ensure staff employment and help keep everyone on schedule;

  • Managing different suppliers and tasks such as stocking shelves, planogram discrepancies, and store issues, and collecting extensive information flows in shopping malls will help keep things running smoothly;

  • Setting up disinfection schedules, daily work schedules of the staff, managing different suppliers, club equipment cleaning and repair along with facility daily issues with limited resources in sports clubs will be easier with Einpix;

  • For fire safety and work safety, having a system for tracking duties, planning and carrying out planned inspections of customers, adding defects in a 2D object plan, and compiling and capturing real-time incidents and reports can be invaluable in ensuring compliance and safety.

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