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What is Field Service Management Software (FSM)

What is Field Service Management Software (FSM)

Field service management software specializes in fieldwork management and the facility sectors that focus on supporting and maintaining equipment, assets, and facilities, as well as the efficient scheduling of field staff time and management of the client's inquiries.

With a market value of $3.24bn in 2021, the global FSM industry has been experiencing rapid growth and is predicted to expand at an astounding rate of 15.12% CAGR from 2022-2027.

Over two-thirds of all European organizations either digitize their field service management or plan to do so within the next five years by applying field service management tools. This field encompasses installation, commissioning, repair and/or maintenance services, inspections and preventive maintenance, inventory management, and parts supply chain optimization.

It requires significant expertise in industrial automation technology and process optimization as well as good planning and coordination skills to ensure efficient operation across the entire organization. Field service management aims to improve operational performance by optimizing assets and resources available, and reducing downtime costs associated with repairs and maintenance activities or logistics while increasing safety, service reliability, quality assurance standards, and faster cash flow management.

Successful field service management also enables companies to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by minimizing labor costs through improved productivity rates.

The demand for FSM services is exceptionally high in Europe and the USA due to complex service management processes that require appropriate maturity levels, instruments, and good organizational and management skills.

To help companies manage field service (FSM) more efficiently and meet the most demanding requirements, Einpix has developed field service management software for small business or enterprise-level companies that enables businesses to manage the company's in-house and remote field service operations more effectively.

What is Field Service Management Software (FSM)

Field Service Management (FSM) is a set of technologies, processes, and services used by organizations to deliver services on-site or in the field, such as installations, repairs, inspections, maintenance, etc. It includes scheduling, dispatching, resource management, tracking, and monitoring technicians in the field. FSM also involves data gathering and analysis to increase customer satisfaction, simplify operations, and improve overall efficiency in managing field service operations.

It helps companies improve operational efficiency by automating manual tasks, streamlining complex, labor-intensive processes, and reducing operational costs.

With the FSM system, businesses can easily manage their technicians, engineers, other field or administrative staff, and resources from the Einpix program in one central hub.

How does Einpix Work to help with FSM?

Einpix provides a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline and automate field service operations, from task and order management, contractual obligations (SLA), and various defect management, with the help of route planning to remote work or tracking technicians and sharing job information in real-time.

With our innovative features, such as 2D Plan Management and Analytics, materials management, digital documents, and signatures, businesses can effectively plan, optimize, and monitor their field service operations in real-time. Our analytic tools and reports are perfect for companies that want to make more informed decisions about improving service quality and various related operations.


Our platform is built for scalability, allowing companies of all sizes to benefit from our extensive FSM features. Some features that make Einpix stand out from other similar solutions include the following:

Task & Defect Management on 2D Map:
With Einpix, teams can easily manage their field service tasks and defects directly on a 2D map – allowing for more precise pinpointing of locations and more straightforward navigation. Teams can view and monitor their tasks displayed on the map, making it easy to see which jobs need to be completed and when, and reducing potential duplication of tasks. Users can effortlessly create and assign new tasks or report defects on-site with only a few clicks. This makes task & defect management, both internally and externally, more efficient than ever before. Einpix is perfect for any task management, such as managing services, real estate, construction sites, client relationships customer and tenant inquiries, various suppliers and their obligations - or even internal administrative tasks!

Managing Complex Service Level Agreements (SLAs):
SLAs are contractual agreements that outline the scope of work, deliverables, and timelines for services rendered. With Einpix, you can set up specific SLAs for various tasks and monitor their progress in real-time to ensure all deadlines, arranged agreements, and obligations are met. You can also track the performance of your team members and suppliers against predefined SLAs to ensure customer satisfaction and high service quality.

Getting Digital Signatures:
Einpix allows companies to quickly and securely collect remote digital signatures for delivered services from their clients with just a few clicks on their phone or computer - eliminating the need to print, sign, scan, and send documents manually. This feature helps reduce the chance of document fraud and inaccuracies by ensuring that all documents are signed legally and accurately in real-time with no mistakes as can be in the paperwork. With Einpix, you no longer have to worry about long delays in getting client approvals or the complicated process of editing documents, while reducing paper waste and cost, and leaving more resources available for other tasks. In addition, Einpix helps to reduce up to 100% of related document storage costs.

Seamless Time Accounting:
Einpix provides a comprehensive time accounting system that allows you to track and monitor the work time and to position on the map of your team members. With this feature, you can easily track how long each job, downtime, or custom activity takes, who completes it, and who is nearest new job place – all in real-time. You will also get an overview of the total number of job hours logged for any given period or by field service technicians.

Knowing exactly when employees started and ended jobs or activities can be invaluable when identifying problems and finding solutions that will lead to increased productivity and better utilization of resources.

For example, if a client has a subscription contract with a specific limit and the hours logged for their project exceed this limit, then managers can review the situation and adjust rates or methods accordingly, as well as help to provide a transparent argumentation to the client. By closely monitoring the total number of job hours logged against corresponding budgets, businesses can ensure that their efficiency is maximized and resources are appropriately allocated.

With Einpix's powerful time accounting feature, you will gain greater insight into your team's performance and provide an accurate, real-time overview of job hours logged.

In-App Route Planning:
Einpix allows businesses to plan and monitor the travel routes of their field service technicians in real-time. This helps eliminate wasted travel time and optimize resource utilization as logistics costs, making your team more productive. Visualizing this information makes it easier for team members to communicate and collaborate on the best route-planning strategies.

Document and File Sharing:
Einpix enables users to securely share documents, files, videos, objects, tasks, and tags with other companies that use our field service management app. This allows you to collaborate across different organizations in a secure environment easily and access the documents or resources necessary to quickly complete jobs. It also facilitates better communication between departments and ensures everyone has the most up-to-date information on any project.

Advanced Analytics & Reports:
With Analytics and task filtering options, you can easily export your data to .csv or .xls files, which will help you extensively analyze your work and view the task history with all relevant information in one place. This allows you to better understand the overall productivity and performance over time. To further enhance the analysis process, you can map the data to create visualizations and charts for a more comprehensive understanding of the situation. This will give you valuable insights that can help guide your future decisions, like areas of improvement and adding additional resources to achieve the desired outcome.

The analytics & reporting feature helps you monitor the work distribution among different members. With this feature, you can quickly identify the team or person who has completed more tasks in each period and make sure that everyone is productive and meeting deadlines.

Offline Mode and Mobile App:
Unlike other FSM solutions that provide web-only access, Einpix offers both an offline mode and a mobile app. This allows you to use the software even when you don't have access to the internet, enabling you to continue working on your projects while in transit in remote locations without an internet connection. The mobile app provides users with quick access to all their data and is available on Android and iOS devices.

Which Industries Can Leverage Field Service Management Tools?

Einpix is a reliable and versatile FSM tool designed to meet the needs of businesses in various industries. From construction and facility maintenance to road maintenance, cleaning services, shopping malls, sports clubs, fire safety, work safety, installation & maintenance, and many more like HVAC, Plumbing, Security, etc.– Einpix has the features needed for businesses in these sectors to succeed.

Einpix provides detailed task management capabilities that help construction companies keep track of all construction processes, from the contractor (supplier) and client management to defects, work, and fire safety registration. It allows you to manage construction workers by assigning tasks or defects, viewing their progress in real-time, and scheduling work hours. You can also use Einpix to ensure quality with service-level agreements (SLAs), maintain the heavy machinery used on site, and keep recordings of events for historical reference and trending results analysis.

Facility maintenance teams can use our route planning feature to optimize travel routes, saving time and logistics costs when visiting different sites. With the digital signature feature, they can quickly and conveniently get customer approvals without wasting time on paper documents and their administration, reduce mistakes in it, or the time you and your customers spend scanning documents and sending them back and forth by mail. Our materials and service database management tool also helps to ensure that tasks are completed with suitable materials and services, reducing downtime and money spent on unnecessary maintenance and paper waste.

Shopping mall owners can better coordinate tasks between stores and various departments, such as security staff and cleaners, various service suppliers or store staff and managers, etc., thanks to the communication features included in our FSM solution. They can also use our asset management capabilities to schedule preventive maintenance for long-term savings, manage tasks related to the layout of goods on shelves, and perform real-time analysis to reduce labor time costs for manual work and information administration.

Einpix helps businesses in the sports industry by enabling them to group Employees, manage equipment disinfection & maintenance routines, as well as cleaning schedules, and manage various service providers. Tasks can be easily assigned and registered for completion to staff or other external suppliers. Sports clubs can also leverage Einpix document and file-sharing capabilities to coordinate information between staff members.

Fire and work safety teams can use Einpix to manage technical and organizational safety works, register fire or work safety violations, gather building defect reports, and manage client requests throughout the warranty period. Our FSM solution also allows you to add a defect/task location tag to a 2D object plan and assign the 2D object plan to an object. Fire and Work Safety personnel can leverage the field service management app to keep accurate records of on-site inspections and share them with their supervisors and clients. This allows for better compliance with regulations, faster emergency response times, and improved safety standards.

Companies that look at how to optimize field service management processes and related costs often turn to Einpix for its reliable, simple, and versatile FSM solution.

5 Reasons to Choose Einpix Field Service Management System to Improve Your Business

Einpix's system provides a unified platform to easily manage all aspects of field service operations - from scheduling and dispatching technicians to operate resources, work orders, contracts, customers, and suppliers – all while enjoying the cost savings of automated processes:

  • Comprehensive Task Management
    Einpix Field Service Management System provides complete task management features, such as task types, tags and priorities, checklists, task planning, periodic tasks, and task approval, to help users manage and complete any field service tasks efficiently.

  • Real-Time Location Tracking
    Einpix offers a real-time location tracking feature that allows you to track the exact location of your personnel on the map (GPS). You can also view their route history with just one click.

  • Advanced User Activity Tracking
    With the unique user activity tracking feature of the Einpix Field Service Management Program, you may track and monitor the work time & downtime of your field workers in real-time. You can also customize the unique activities, downtime, and their reasons, and improve the time-tracking process according to your needs.

  • Digital Document & File Sharing
    Einpix provides a secure digital document & file sharing platform that helps you securely share videos and documents like statements of work across multiple departments in an organization or between contractors and subcontractors or clients.

  • Reports & Analytics
    The software also offers a wide range of reports related to all tasks, such as clients' reports, service level agreements (SLA) reports, etc., so that you may monitor your business performance at any point in time. It also provides analytics capabilities for further optimization operations based on data analysis for better decision-making.


While the FSM Industry has witnessed a significant shift due to the increased demand for digitalization, Einpix has emerged as one of the leading solutions in this space. It is designed to help businesses in all industries improve their field service workflows. With its customizable features, user-friendly UI, and custom integrations, it's quickly becoming a popular choice for many companies.

The software is available for Android and iOS devices, so you can use it anytime, anywhere. Its intuitive design makes it easy to use and deploy, allowing users to start managing their field operations within minutes.

Einpix's field service management software for small businesses or enterprise-level companies is the perfect choice for improving your operations, increasing efficiency, and customer satisfaction!

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